The CCC Worker Statue

This series of CCC Worker Statues reminds Americans of CCC heritage landmarks. Their presence informs Americans of the legacy and value of natural resource conservation and the care of public land.

The statues are listed by dedication date.

STATUE NO. 1:  North Higgins State Park, Roscommon, MI , June 3, 1995.  Total cost $35,000. Contributions by many loyal CCC veterans.  Representing Chapters 29, 58, 129, 144, 161 and 163. Cost included  manufacture of mold to be used for other statues. Corporations contributed a portion. 


STATUE NO. 2:  Babler State Park.  Originally  located at NACCCA headquarters, St. Louis, MO, it was later moved to Babler State Park after the NACCCA corporate office moved to Virginia. The dedication at Jefferson Barracks took place on April 14, 1996.  It was funded by donations and NACCCA funds approve by the membership with a cost of $20,000.


STATUE NO. 3:  School of Conservation, Branchville, NJ, November 4, 1996. Paid by private funds of Henry Billitz, CCC veteran, living in St. Augustine, FL. Henry served in CCC Company No. 1266, S-71, in 1941.  This company and one other, CCC Company 218, S-51, were the base for creation of the School of Conservation, Division of Montclair University. John J. Kirk, Director of SOC stated on dedication:  “These men participated in the world’s most famous conservation program. America will never be able to repay them. All that is great and good about conservation we owe to the CCC”.   


STATUE NO. 4:  Highlands Hammock State Park, Sebring FL., dedicated August 2, 1997. The fourth CCC worker statue was donated by Henry Billitz in honor of his brother, Emil Billitz who suffered complete paralysis as the result of a truck accident while serving in the CCC. Through hard work and therapy, he regained the use of his upper body. The statue is also dedicated to the 2,876 men who lost their lives while working for the CCC between 1933 and 1942. Henry Billitz also donated another CCC Worker Statue at New Jersey School of Conservation, Branchville, NJ. 


STATUE NO. 5:  Located in Watoga State Park Marlington, West Virginia dedicated June 5, 1999, and paid by private funds, Denver Dial, Director.   


STATUE NO. 6:  Located in Leonard Harrison State Park, Tioga County, Pa. dedicated on August 14, 1999. Paid by Richard H. Murtland of Plano, TX., son of Richard G. Murtland, a former CCC member who served in Darling Run Camp, 1937 to 1939. 


STATUE NO. 7:  Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park, Pine Mountain, GA., dedicated September 18, 1999. Paid by private funds contributed by CCC members who served in area camps and some state funds. This statue was dedicated by U.S. Senator Max Cleland of Georgia, whose father Hugh, a CCC veteran, was present for the dedication. 


STATUE NO. 8:  Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area (CVNRA), NPS, Peninsula, OH, dedicated September 8, 2000. Paid by R. Bruce Budinger, son-in-law of former CCC member Charles Varro, who served in CO 318 (F-1) Allegheny National Forest, Marienville, Pa from 1939 to 1941. The statue is installed at the Happy Days Visitor Center, built by the CCC in 1939. The CVNRA was dedicated in December 1974. 


STATUE NO. 9: Dedicated September 23, 2000, in Cascade Park, New Castle, PA. Funding from the State of Pennsylvania, City of New Castle and private sources, including Wal-Mart. The project was coordinated by Angelo Nocera, President of NACCCA Chapter 125, and other members of the Chapter.   


STATUE NO. 10:  Dedicated April 24, 2001, in Capitol Public Plaza, Augusta, Maine. The project was coordinated by Phil Gouzie, President of NACCCA Chapter 111, with the assistance of State Representative Robert W. Duplessie of Maine.


STATUE NO. 11:   Dedicated June 3, 2001, in Forest Preserve District, Willow Springs, Illinois by Chapter 77 Mickey Fisher, President: Jean Thode, Vice President; Frank Waligora, Treasurer. 


STATUE NO. 12:   Dedicated September 16, 2001, in Oconee State Park, South Carolina. Coordinated by E. Spec Jamison, Reunion Coordinator and Andy Davis, Park Manager. Funds from a state grant. 


STATUE NO. 13:  Dedicated September 29, 2001, in Bear Brook State Park, Allenstown, New Hampshire by NACCCA Chapter 107, coordinated by Dick Violette,  Chapter Secretary.  


STATUE NO. 14:  Dedicated June 22, 2002, at Tahquamenon Logging Museum, Newberry, Michigan. Coordinated by Chapter 161, Kenneth Mortensen, President.  

STATUE NO. 15:  Dedicated June 30, 2002, at Devil’s Den State Park in northwest Arkansas.   


STATUE NO. 16:  Dedicated September 3, 2002, at the Forest History Center, on the Salem Campus of the Oregon Department of Forestry, Salem, OR. Coordinated through the efforts of Chapter #4 lead by by Kenneth Wright, Chapter president.    


STATUE NO. 17:  Dedicated September 28, 2002, at Letchworth State Park, State New York. Known as “The Grand Canyon of the East”, the dedication took place on the Capitol Grounds on National Public Lands, first started in 1994 as a national celebration.  


STATUE NO. 18:  Dedicated September 28, 2002, National Public Lands Day in Freetown State Forest, Assonet, Massachusetts. Funded by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management (DEM). Peter C. Weber, Commissioner and Frances J. Derwin, President of NACCCA Chapter 60.   


STATUE NO. 19:  Dedicated March 31, 2003, in Roosevelt Park, Edison, New Jersey.  Donated by John Meszaros, President of NACCCA Chapter 24.  


STATUE NO. 20:  Dedicated August 21, 2003 in  Fond du Lac, Wisconsin on the Galloway House and Village grounds. The initial $5,000 of the statue’s cost came from NACCCA Chapter 23 in association with the  Fond du Lac Historical Society and members of the Fond du Lac community. 


STATUE NO. 21: Dedicated April 17, 2004, at Sunset Bay in White Rock Lake Park, Dallas, Texas to honor members of CCC Company 2896. Funds for the statue were raised by the Dallas community with much credit going to Marci Winter of “For the Love of the Lake”.   


STATUE NO. 22:   Dedicated April 24, 2004, at Singletary State Park, Kelly, North Carolina. Walden Hearn, CCC veteran, Elizabethtown, North Carolina was a major factor in the fund raising drive which lead to this dedication.     


STATUE NO. 23:  Dedicated July 20, 2004 at Devil’s Lake State Park, Baraboo, Wisconsin. Funding from State Department of Natural Resources, Friends of Devil’s Lake, Friends of Wisconsin State Parks. Dedication marked end of long effort by Howard “Howdy” Thompson to get permanent recognition for CCC ‘s work in Wisconsin.      


STATUE NO. 24:  Dedicated August 21, 2004, at Promised Land State Park, Greentown, Pennsylvania   


STATUE NO. 25:   Pisgah Ranger District, Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina. Purchased by Robert Winston, President of NACCCA Chapter 175. 


STATUE NO. 26:   Dedicated May 22, 2004, at Florida Caverns State Park, Marianna, Florida. The fund drive was spearheaded by Mrs. Fannie Hutchison of Altha, Florida, whose efforts brought the money to donate to the park.    


STATUE NO. 27:   Dedicated September 6, 2004, at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Denver, Colorado.   


STATUE NO. 28:  Dedicated September 18, 2004, at Deception Pass State Park, Oak Harbor, Washington.    


STATUE NO. 29:  Dedicated October 2, 2004, at Marion County Park in Marion Kansas. Funds raised by Dwight and Helen Beckham, donations from the local community and ex CCC’ers.   


Statue NO 30:  Louisiana’s only CCC Worker Statue has been relocated from its site at the I-49 Welcome Center at Rapides Station in central Louisiana to the Southern Forest Heritage Museum at Long Leaf, LA. Originally sponsored and installed in 2005 by a collaboration be-tween the Louisiana Forestry Association and the Kisatchie National Forest, it had to be relocated due to the closure of the welcome center by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development. Dedicated March 31, 2005. Funds were raised by Faye McMillin whose brother served in the CCC, in partnership with Buck Vandersteen. 


STATUE NO. 31:  Dedicated June 4, 2005, at Crawford State Park, Farlington, Kansas, the site of CCC Company 788. Kenneth Trent a CCC boy of the area spearheaded the fund drive approaching the Friends of Crawford State Park who were the main financial backers of the project.   


STATUE NO. 32:   Dedicated July 15, 2005, at Saltese, Montana. Dedicated through the efforts of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin “Jiggs” Hudson – former president of NACCCA Chapter 78. Located at  the site of CCC Camp F-9 at Haugan, Montana (About 156 miles east of the Idaho/Montana state line.)   


STATUE NO. 33:  Dedicated August 27, 2005, at Cabwaylingo State Park, Dunlow, West Virginia.   


STATUE NO, 34:  Dedicated  November 14, 2005, at John James Audubon State Park, Kentucky.  Dedicated through the efforts of CCC Boy, Clyde “Tubby” Littrell and the Friends of Audubon. Located at the site  of CCC Company 1540, Camp Cromwell in Henderson, Kentucky.   


STATUE NO. 35:  Dedicated August 5, 2006, McCall, Idaho. Dedicated through the efforts of NACCCA Chapter 28 and the Central Idaho Historical Museum. Special thanks to Marie and the late Doug Eier and  NACCCA Chapter President Chancie Meyers.   


STATUE NO. 36:  Dedicated September 30, 2006, at the Byrd Visitor Center Plaza, Big Meadows, Virginia. Dedicated through the efforts of the Barlow family of Stanley, Virginia, with additional funding for site work and logistics by the Shenandoah National Park Association.   

STATUE NO 37:   Dedicated October 18, 2006, at the Flags Of Honor Park along highway 71, Willmar, Minnesota. Dedicated through the funding of two CCC enrollees, Herbert Amundson and Ernest Manthey.   


STATUE NO. 38:  Dedicated October 21, 2006, at Giant City State Park, Giant City Lodge, Makanda, Illinois. Dedicated through the efforts of NACCCA Chapter 102 and its President Joe Stritzel.   


STATUE NO. 39:  Dedicated June 14, 2007, at Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, Mandan, North Dakota. Ted Will, President of NACCCA Chapter 106 spearheaded the fundraising Drive.   


STATUE NO. 40: Dedicated July 7, 2007, at Laurel Hills State Park, Pennsylvania. Park volunteers raised the money through sales in the visitor center, with also funds from private contributors.


STATUE NO. 41:  Dedicated August 9, 2007, at Gooseberry State Park, Minnesota. NACCCA chapters 33 and 119 raised the money with assistance from the Minnesota Conservation Corps and MNR DNR and State Parks and Recreation.   


STATUE NO. 42:  Dedicated August 24, 2007, at Warren County Visitors Bureau, Warren Pennsylvania. Fund raising by the Tionesta Valley Snowmobile Club.   


STATUE NO. 43:  Dedicated March 15, 2008, at the O’Leno State Park, Florida, as part of the 75th Anniversary celebrations.  The statue was purchased by George and Peggy LeCouris, members of Chapter 143 and life members of NACCCA.  It was delivered on October 2, 2007. 


STATUE NO. 44:  Dedicated May 17, 2008, Edinburg, VA.  Located at the site of the CCC Commemorative Wall at the George Washington National Forest Lee District Office.  Dedicated to the alumni of Camp Roosevelt who provided the initial funding to start the project.  The statue dedication was part of the 75th Anniversary celebration of the CCC    


STATUE 45:  Dedicated June 25, 2008, Sacramento, CA.  California Conservation Corps Headquarters.  Funds were raised by NACCCA founder Bob Griffiths and dedicated in conjunction with the California Conservation Corps upon the 75th Anniversary.   


 STATUE 46:  Dedicated August 30, 2008, Petit Jean State Park, AR.  The annual Founders’ Day event at Petit Jean celebrated the 75th Anniversary of Co. 1781-V coming to the park in 1933.   Many structures built by the CCC are still in use today and reflect the skill, craftsman ship, and mission of the CCC.   Sponsored by Petit Jean State Park.     


STATUE 47:  Dedicated October 18, 2008, Elephant Butte State Park, NM.   


Statue No 48: Dedicated October 25, 2008 – Colossal Cave, AZ.  Through a generous donation from Gerald Johnson,  Chapter #44, Phoenix, AZ, and Colossal Cave Mountain Park celebrated the statue dedication in the 75th Anniversary year.  The statue stands near the entrance of the visitor’s center where all visitors to the cave can see it.


Statue No 49:  Dedicated January 16, 2009 – Santa Fe, NM  – West side of the State Capitol grounds.  Alumni from CCC Legacy Chapter 141 were special guests. The effort was organized by National New Deal Preservation Association and the New Mexico Legislative Council Service. The statue was funded by state and private funds.   


STATUE NO. 50:  Dedicated February 21, 2009 – Phoenix South Mountain Park, Phoenix, AZ.   Coordinated by members of CCC Legacy Chapter #44 and donated by Jack Duncan, Chapter member.  The status is located at the entrance to the visitors center of the Phoenix South Mountain Park   


STATUE NO. 51:  Dedicated May 16, 2009 – Hill City South Dakota.    The event and funding was coordinated by the members of CCC Legacy Chapter #177 and the CCC Museum of South Dakota.  Funding for the  statue was provided by chapter member Melvin Hermanson of Rapid City.  The statue is at the location of the Hill City Visitor Center and CCC Museum of South Dakota. 


STATUE NO. 52: Dedicated June 20, 2009- Hartwick Pines State Park, Michigan.  Dedicated by Chapter 129 and placed in the area of the state park’s logging museum north of Grayling.  The unveiling was part of the 90th Anniversary celebration of Michigan State Parks. This is the third statue placed by  Michigan chapters since they placed the first statue at Higgins Lake State Park in 1995.     


 STATUE NO. 53: Dedicated October 11, 2009-Guernsey State Park, Wyoming.  Coordinated by the Friends of Guernsey State Park.   An unusual fall snow caused dedication plans to change and another event of celebration will be arranged under fairer skies.     


STATUE NO. 54:  Dedicated May 21, 2010 – Versailles State Park Indiana.  Coordinated through the efforts of Ruth Ann Swinney and her daughter, Lisa Ebinger, with the help of the Ripley County Historical Society,  two grants were acquired to fund the purchase of this statue.  The, a $15,000 grant from the Rising Sun Regional Foundation, Inc., received just two weeks before the death of Ruth Ann Swinney, and finally a $5,000 grant from the Ripley County Community Foundation.  The statue foundation was provided by the Versailles State Park.  Located at the entrance to Versailles State Park.     


 STATUE NO. 55:  Dedicated July 31, 2010 – Lacey Keosauqua State Park, Iowa.  Coordinated through the efforts of the CCC Legacy Iowa Hawkeye Chapter and the Friends of Lacey.  Chapter President, Sharon Ewing, nurtured the effort in honor of her father and the other many men who served at Lacey Keosauqua building the park.  Thanks to the Iowa’s Department of Natural Resources for the contribution the statue base and landscaping.  The Friends of Lacey has begun the effort to restore the CCC built structures within the park.  The statue stands at the J-40 park entrance by the stone gate house and lodge built by the CCC.    


 STATUE NO. 56.  Damascus, AR – Dedicated May 31, 2011.  Funded through the efforts of the Dan Dipert family, this statue is located on private ground that is designated as a National Historic Preservation Site.  The site is the original location of Co. 3781, SCS-5 and is located at 345 Camphill Road, Damascus, AR.    


 STATUE NO. 57: Pennsylvania Lumber Museum, Galeton, PA – Dedicated September 25, 2011.  This statue complements the growing history of the CCC at the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum.  It was placed at the front entrance of a log cabin restored by the CCC that now serves as the CCC Museum. Efforts were coordinated by the Lumber Heritage Region. 6th statue placed in Pennsylvania.     


STATUE NO. 58:  Gambrill State Park, Thurmont, MD – Dedicated Nov. 5, 2011. Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Chapter #113 of Clinton, MD, and Potomac Edison combined efforts to place the first statue in Maryland.  It stands near the Tea House and overlook built by the CCC.


STATUE NO. 59:  Hyner View State Park, PA – Dedicated Sept. 18, 2012.  The seventh statue in Pennsylvania was donated by Joseph Wiedemer of Altoona, PA as a tribute to long- time friends who served in the Civilian Conservation Corps.  


STATUE NO. 60:   Pickett CCC Memorial State Park, TN – Dedicated Sept. 20, 2012.  The first statue in Tennessee was made possible through the diligent and dedicated supporters within the Tennessee State Park system.  The statue is located next to the CCC Museum built by the CCC.  


STATUE NO. 61.  Roaring River State Park, MO – Dedicated May 4, 2013.  CCC Boy Chrisinger and his daughter, Naomi Shaw, nurtured the effort to place the second statue in Missouri.  With cooperation from the State of Missouri this statue represents the great work of the CCC in Roaring River State Park and Missouri.


STATUE NO. 62.  Ouabache State Park, Bluffton, IN – Dedicated Oct. 5, 2014.  The Friends of Ouabache State Park worked diligently over a 2 year period to raise the funds for the statue.  The statue highlights the CCC construction in the park and is located in the picnic area.     


STATUE NO. 63.  Cheaha State Park, Delta, AL – Dedicated May 31, 2015.  The original promotion and fundraising effort was begun by Eagle Scout Grant Atkinson.  In conjunction with the final effort of Cheaha State Park, the statue was dedicated and will stand as a deacon of CCC history among the stone structures built by the CCC. Cheaha is the highest point in Alabama and the oldest continuous operating state park.    


STATUE NO. 64.  Trees for Tomorrow, Eagle River, WI – Dedicated June 14, 2015.  Since the days of the CCC the educational campus of Trees for Tomorrow in Eagle River has introduced thousands of people to the value of conservation and the heritage of the CCC on the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest.  CCC Alumni Richard Chrisinger, who served in Wisconsin, served as the catalyst and principal funder for the statue and with the help of Trees for Tomorrow organization the statue at Trees for Tomorrow became a reality.    


STATUE NO. 65.  Fox River Park, Burlington, WI – Dedicated September 30, 2015.
This Kenosha County Park was built between 1934 and 1937 by Co. 2625 and Co. 2655 and was designated as SP-8.  The dedication of this statue demonstrates the close ties of the citizens and the Kenosha County system to the heritage of the CCC.  Thank you to the vision of Kenosha County staff and the generous donation of the John & Ruth L. Kloss Charitable Trust.  


STATUE NO. 66:  Zion National Park, Springdale, UT – Dedicated September 26, 2016.  Through a fundraising effort lead by Ken Baldridge, Pleasant Grove, UT, and the Washington County Historical Society, St. George, UT, the statue was placed at Zion National Park which highlights the great heritage of the CCC in the park as well as the state of Utah.  The statue location just outside the visitor center will introduce millions of guests to the heritage of the CCC and help to celebrate the 100th birthday of the National Park Service.


STATUE NO. 67:  Bandelier National Monument, Los Alamos, NM, Dedicated October 14, 2016.  Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service through the interpretation of the Civilian Conservation Corps was a priority to the staff of the Bandelier National Monument.  The presence of the statue shares park history and teaches visitors about the importance of the CCC in America.  


STATUE NO. 68:  Fort Missoula Regional Park, Missoula, MT, unveiled October 21.  The official dedication of the park and statue will be April 29, 2017.  Fort Missoula was the District Headquarters of the CCC.  


STATUE NO.69:  Montgomery Bell State Park, Burns, TN.  Dedicated June 7, 2017


STATUE NO.70:  Salina, UT, CCC & POW Camp Museum dedicated July3, 2017.  A community effort supported by the City of Salina which created the Museum area and the installation of the statue to honor the CCC.  The Museum tells the story of the CCC camp and German POW’s that resided there during WWII.  Community advocates Tami Clark, Dee Olsen and family, spearheaded the project.  


STATUE NO. 71:  Fort Clinch State Park, Fernandina, FL, Dedicated October 28, 2017.  Sponsored by the Friends of Fort Clinch State Park.  The CCC restored the historic Fort Clinch and built the park in 1937.


STATUE NO. 72:  Glacier Public Service Center, Mt. Baker Ranger District, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie NF. Deming, WA.  Dedicated June 16, 2018.  Sponsored through the effort of members and local history advocates Mike Impero and Janet Oakley in partnership with the Glacier Ranger Station.   


Statue No. 73:  Cumberland Mountain State Park, Crossville TN, Dedicated September 14, 2018.  Supported by Friends of Cumberland Mountain State Park.


Statue No. 74:  Tishomingo State Park, Tishomingo, MS. Dedicated May 15, 2019. Sponsored by the Friends of Tishomingo State Park. 


Statue No. 75:  Chatfield Hollow State Park, Killingworth, CT.  Dedicated May 11, 2019.  Coordinated by members Martin Podskoch and Sharon Viadella.  


Statue No. 76:  Pachaug State Forest Voluntown, CT.  Dedicated September 21, 2019.  Coordinate by member Sharon Viadella and the Friends of Pachaug State Forest.


Statue No. 77:  Turkey Creek Park, Niceville, FL.  Dedicated July 21, 2021, Coordinated by Niceville Valparaiso Bay Area Chamber of Commers and the City of Niceville, FL.


Statue No. 78:  Fort Worth Nature Center and Wildlife Refuge, Fort Worth Nature Center.  Project supported by the Steve Porter Family and members of the Texas Advocacy Group.  

Statues in States 

Alabama – 1

  • Cheaha State Park

 Arizona – 2

  • Colossal Cave Mountain Park
  • Phoenix South Mountain Park

Arkansas – 3

  • Devils Den State Park 
  • Petit Jean State Park
  • Damascus 

California – 1

  • Removed from the California Conservation Corps Headquarters – currently in storage.  

Colorado – 1

  • Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Connecticut – 2

  • Chatfield Hollow State Park
  • Pachaug State Forest

Florida – 5

  • Ft. Clinch State Park
  • Highlands Hammock State Park
  • Florida Caverns State Park
  • O’Leno State Park 
  • Niceville, FL

Georgia – 1

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park

Iowa – 1

  • Lacey Keosauqua State Park

Idaho – 1

  • Central Idaho Historical Museum

 Illinois – 2

  • Willow Springs Forest Preserve District
  • Giant City State Park

Indiana – 2

  • Versailles State Park
  • Ouabache State Park

Kansas – 2

  • Marion County Park
  • Crawford State Park

Kentucky – 1

  • John James Audubon State
  • Park 

 Louisiana – 1

  • Southern Forest Heritage Museum

Maine – 1

  • Capitol Plaza, Augusta

Maryland – 1

  • Gambrill State Park

Massachusetts – 1

  • Freetown State Forest

Michigan – 3

  • North Higgins State Park
  • Tahquamenon Logging Museum
  • Hartwick Pines State Park 

Minnesota – 2

  • Flags of Honor Park, Willmar
  • Gooseberry Falls State Park

Missouri – 2

  • Babler State Park
  • Roaring River State Park 

Mississippi – 1

  • Tishomingo State Park

Montana – 2

  • Lolo National Forest
  • Fort Missoula Regional Park

New Hampshire – 1

  • Bear Brook State Park

New Jersey – 2

  • School of Conservation, Branchville
  • Roosevelt Park, Edison 

New Mexico – 3 

  • Elephant Butte State Park
  • Capitol Grounds, Santa Fe
  • Bandelier National Monument, Los Alamos

New York – 1

  • Letchworth State Park

North Carolina – 2

  • Singletary State Park
  • Pisgah National Forest

North Dakota – 1

  • Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park

Ohio – 1

  • Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area

Oregon – 1

  • Forest History Center, Salem

Pennsylvania – 7

  • Leonard Harrison State Park
  • Cascade Park, New Castle
  • Promised Land State Park
  • Laurel Hills State Park
  • Warren County Visitors Bureau
  • Pennsylvania Lumber Museum
  • Hyner Run State Park

South Carolina – 1

  • Oconee State Park

South Dakota – 1

  • Hill City Visitors Center

Tennessee – 3

  • Montgomery Bell State Park
  • Pickett CCC Memorial State Park
  • Cumberland Mountain State Park 

Texas – 2

  • White Rock Lake Park, Dallas
  • Fort Worth Nature Center, Fort Worth

Utah – 2

  • CCC & POW Camp Museum 
  • Zion National Park 

 Virginia – 2

  • George Washington National Forest
  • Shenandoah National Park 

Washington – 2

  • Deception Pass State Park
  • Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. Glacier Public Service Center.  

West Virginia – 2

  • Watoga State Park
  • Cabwaylingo State Park

Wisconsin – 4

  • Galloway House, Fond du Lac 
  • Devil’s Lake State Park
  • Trees for Tomorrow, Eagle River
  • Fox River Park
Wyoming – 1
  • Guernsey State Park

States without CCC Worker Statues

Rhode Island

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Location Category:  

10 – City Parks
1 – City Visitor Center
3 – County Parks
1 – County Visitor Center 
4 –  National Forests
4 – National Parks/Monuments
6- Non-profit museums/parks
1 – Private Ground

2 – School of Conservation

3 – State Capitol Grounds

2 – State Forest

41 – State Parks

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