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Co. 1741, BF-3, Little Island, AR - 1940 White River Wildlife Refuge

Donor:  Dale Manual 

Archive#:  11-LF-CLC-6373

Co. 3776-C, SP-2, DeWitt, AR - White River Wildlife Refuge

Donor:  Dale Manuel

Archive #:  11-LF-CLC-6373

Co. 3777-SP-9, Hot Springs, AR, Camp Legrue - 1941

Donor:  Tammy Berkey, Daughter

Description:  Walker Felts is on the far right bearing the shaven head.

Archive:  Arkansas Digital Archive

Co. 3791, BF-1, St. Charles, AR - 1933

Donor:  Dale Manuel

Description:  The CCC was housed in quarterboats while working on the White River Wildlife Refuge.  A quarter board is a nautical term that describes living quarters on water.