Civilian Conservation Corps
Preserving America's Natural Resources
1933 - 1942

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Logically we are aware that we need to take a different perspective as we are confronted with the declining numbers of the great American’s who served in the CCC.  As time marches forward our main goal needs to be education of following generations. 


How do we let them know about the great accomplishments of the men of the CCC and the impact those accomplishments have had on the modern culture?


Camp Roosevelt - April 17, 1933
Camp Roosevelt , George Washington National Forest- First CCC Camp in America, April 17, 1933

America was in the grip of the Great Depression when Franklin Delano Roosevelt was inaugurated in March of 1933.  More than twenty-five percent of the population was unemployed, hungry and without hope.  The New Deal Programs instituted bold changes in the federal government that energized the economy and created an equilibrium that helped to bolster the needs of citizens. 

Education is our goal! 

 How do we teach the CCC to others?  There are many community organizations and facilities across this nation who are anchored in bringing the story of the CCC to the public.   Look around your neighborhood.   Go to them and become a volunteer. 

Be curious about this great slice of conservation history. 

After all…it is the greatest conservation movement in the history of our nation.  

 If you have ideas and suggestions, please send a note.    


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Out of the economic chaos emerged the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The goal was two-fold:  conservation of our natural resources and the salvage of our young men.  The CCC is recognized as the single greatest conservation program in American and it served as a catalyst to develop the very tenets of modern conservation.  The work of America’s young men dramatically changed the future and today we still enjoy a legacy of natural resource treasurers that dot the American landscape.  

Co. 322, NF-1 VA - First Camp in the Nation
Camp Roosevelt Entrance Sign - 1937

90th Anniversary of the CCC – 2023 

Did you have a 90th Anniversary event, that you would like to share? 


Create by George "Bud" Bush
Artwork by CCC alumnus George "Bud" Bush

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