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CCC Heritage is all around us

Brief History provides overview of Civilian Conservation Corps Program

Please share your research so others can learn.

The heritage of the Civilian Conservation Corps is all about us as we go about our everyday lives.  The CCC is considered “new” by most historical Standards.  The New Deal and the CCC continues to have major implications to the modern culture and the way we live today.  America would be a very different place without the hard work and innovation of those who served.  

For a quick overview of the CCC, please read the Brief History.  It is an introduction to the CCC Program and its establishment.  This History section of the website will provide a brief history and share information and links.  Contributions from readers are encourage.  Please send your CCC story to [email protected].  

All of us know that sharing our knowledge with others is part of the education process.  Please encourage CCC enthusiasts to share their knowledge so that together we can spread the word of the CCC to following generations.  


Historical data is held by many stakeholders

I want to find out where my Dad served?


The vast history of the Civilian Conservation Cors covers many facets.  Historical data is housed in many different archives and museums at federal, state and county level.


Even more treasurers are in attics, basements, and agency offices.  Collecting CCC artifacts is becoming more popular.  As family members begin to understand the importance of the experience of the CCC enrollee in their midst there is a renewed interest in oral histories and genealogy.  

One of the most commonly asked questions is, “How can I find out where my Dad served?”  Records are available from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), St. Louis, MO.  There is a few of $70 to request enrollment papers.  If you have limited information about his CCC experience it will be necessary to do some preliminary “sleuthing” before you will have the appropriate information to make a request.  Visit our Research Guidelines Page for more information.

The CCC program came under the War Department and personnel records are held by the National Archives in St. Louis, MO. 


Enrollee records can be requested by anyone if you have the correct information.  CCC Legacy does not have access to official personnel records of CCC enrollees and is not able search government records.  The National Archives holds the only near complete list of CCC records.