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Dedicated to research, preservation, and education of future generations to create a better understanding of the Civilian Conservation Corps and its continuing contribution to American life and culture.  

Current Projects

Support construction of the CCC Interpretive Center Exhibits

CCC Workers Statue in every state

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Our Goals

What is the legacy?

Honor………those who became stewards of the land in time of economic crises

Preserve…..the stories of people and projects

Support…….and preserve the heritage of the CCC

Build……… for a CCC Interpretive Center 

Strengthen..the CCC legacy.

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Developed modern conservation methods

Created the infrastructure of the outdoor recreational system

Developed forest fire fighting methods

Replenished depleted forests by planting nearly 3 billion trees

Built roads and hiking trails to benefit work and recreation

Restored depleted fish and wildlife

Established and maintained fish hatcheries

Camp life developed potential soldiers to support WWII effort

Financial allotments supported enrollees families

Served as the model for modern Conservation Corps system.