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Co. 1739, F-12, Willow Springs - 1939

Donor:  NACCCA

Photos courtesy of the National Forest Mark Twain National Forest.  


Co. 2728, Sullivan, MO - 1940

Donor:  Lloyd Mielke

Description:  Meramec State Park

Archive#:  11-LF-CLC-6395

Unidentified Missouri Camp

Donor:  Deborah Lowrey, Niece

Description:  Photo Collection of Lt. Wyman Wickersham.  Family information confirms that he served in Missouri and that he was a Camp Commander.  Images do include a photo of Reeds Spring which is near Branson, MO and other park and recreational areas.  Records certify that he completed the Citizen Military Training Camps program in 1929.   After a year of military service they could be eligible for the Officers’ Reserve Corps.