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Co. 204, Camp #61, Bolton Landing, NY, 1934

Donor:  Jeanne Waite

Description:  Donated in honor of Stephen J. Lucas

Archive#:  15-LF-CLC-6227


Liberty Island - Ellis Island, New York - 1935 (Company unknown)

Donor:  Walter Sekula


Description:  Photo Collection of William Curley found among the papers of Walter Sekula.   A hand written note accompanied the photos – “I enlisted in July 1935 for a six month tour.  I recall it was summer on Liberty Island and at Clear Lake, NJ.  These are the only photos I have of duty on Liberty Island.  I do remember some events at Liberty Island, playing baseball and going into the Torch but nothing else.”  


These photos need further identification.  Any additional information would be appreciated. 

Archives#:  13-LF-CLC-6579