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Co. 322, NF-1, Edinburg, VA, Camp Roosevelt - 1933 VA

Donor:  Multiple donors

Description:  First camp in the nation – established on April 17, 1933 in the George Washington National Forest, Shenandoah Valley of Virginia

Archive#:  Multiple numbers


Co. 376, SCS-24, Camp Pine Top, Amelia, VA

Donor:  Nancy Bartlett

Description: Collection of Walter P. Newman

Archive#:  12-LF-CLC-3536

Co. 2346, SCS-4, Camp Penridge, Ridgeway, VA

Donor:  John Manocchio

Archive#:  10-LF-CLC-6307 


Co. 2355 - F-25, Hot Springs, VA, Camp Bath

Donor:  Karen Trettle

Description:  Collection belonging to CCC Enrollee, Joseph Huzela.  Other items not held with the photos.  

Archive:  12-LF-CLC-6377-14