Together -- Honoring the "CCC Boys" of America

Another wonderful wreath ceremony.

The weather was warm and beautiful for the 2018 Annual Gathering in the Great Northwest.  

Members traveled from across the nation to attend. 


CCC Legacy Annual Gathering

Portland, Oregon

September 27-28, 2018

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2018 CCC Legacy Gathering in Portland, Oregon.  We extend a special thanks to our supporters:  Northwest Youth Corps (NYC); Silver Falls State Park, Oregon Forest History Center, Oregon Department of Forestry; Zigzag Ranger Station, Mt. Hood National Forest, Timberline Lodge, Concierge and Guides, and our many authors and researchers.  You made this a rich and rewarding experience.  

2018 Legacy Gathering dedicated to
Phil Gouzie - 1922 - 2018


Phil served in the CCC in Co. 1124, Bridgton, Maine.   As an alumnus he served as president of Chapter #111, Maine, for many years.  While President he fostered scholarships to graduating high school seniors,  the placement of plaques in CCC built parks, and nurtured the placement of the CCC Worker Statue on the grounds of the capitol building in Augusta, Maine.    He was a great friend to CCC Legacy and served faithfully on the Board of Directors.  

Philip Gouzie, Chapter #111, South Portland, Maine

Gathering Activities - Day One - September 27, 2018

The Gathering in Portland opened with a Sunset Social at the Radisson Hotel at the Portland Airport.  It was a celebration of why we come together.  
The opening registration is a time to gather and enjoy the friends we haven’t seen throughout the year.    
–Old Friends come together– 
Walter Atwood (FL) & Marie Eier (ID)

Special thanks to Natalie Whitson, Event Coordinator for Northwest Youth Corps (NYC0, who helped make our event a success.  In addition to setting up a great display and providing welcome gifts for everyone, Natalie was our ambassador in Oregon and worked with the Governor’s office to provide a proclamation to honor the CCC in Oregon.  She shared the mission of the modern corps in the Northwest and facilitated the coordination with NYC activities on Friday at Silver Creek Camp.    


Natalie Whitson - NYC

Member Paul Fanning greeted guests at the airport, designed and provided the 85th Anniversary Gathering patch and was the “right hand man” during the event.  A “Portlander”, Paul used every tool in the box to facilitate our visit to Zigzag Ranger Station on a Saturday.  He’s also responsible for seeing Naomi’s personal dream of a dramatic interpretation come to life.


                                                     Thank you Paul.

Paul Fanning

Day Two: Silver Falls State Park and Forest History Center, Salem

Friday was full of sights as we took a trip to Silver Falls State Park (SFSP).  Silver Falls is Oregon’s largest State Park with ten waterfalls and over 9,000 acres of majestic forests.  The Cs planted the trees that anchor this breathtaking setting and provide for the clear waters.  The corpsmembers from NYC joined us at the park.  Executive Director, Jeff Parker, welcomed CCC Legacy and read the Governor’s proclamation.  Oregon Parks and Recreation Director, Brad Chandler, gave a fascinating interpretation of the park and what it means to Oregon


Silver Falls is barely visible behind our CCC Boys. Blue skies, colorful foliage and the crisp scent of pine, made this the perfect outing!  Pictured:  Wasl Atwood (FL) ad James Lumsden )WA).  (Since this photo was taken in 2018 both Walter Atwood and James Lumsden have passed away.   As regular attendees at the CCC Legacy Gatherings, they will both be missed.  


Walter Atwood (FL) & James Lumsden (WA)
Walter Atwood (FL) left, and James Lumsden (WA), right

This beautiful log memorial in Silver Falls State Park was erected in 2007 by NACCCA Chapter 4 and the Friends of Silver Falls State Park.  NACCCA Chapter 4 President, Emil Sabol, and 2018 CCC Legacy Achievement Award recipient lead the effort to put signs in Oregon’s State Parks. Emil was not in attendance at the Award Ceremony for health reasons, but he was enthused about the recognition for Chapter #4.  Emil passed away after the event in 2018.  

Log Memorial to Camp Silver Creek Falls SP-9
Memorial to Chapter #4

Legacy Achievement Aware for Emil M. Sabol, President NACCCA Chapter #4.  Award Reads:  As a CCC alumnus you have carried the passion for CCC heritage through you professional life in the Forest Service, to NACCCA Chapter #3, and onto working with young people in the education and caring for conservation.  Under your leadership as Chapter #4 President, the Chapter brought attention to the CCC Camps with informational signs, the placement of the CCC Worker Statue at the Oregon Forest History Center and other activities that still stand as markers for their service in America.

Achievement Award Emil Sabol
Emil Sabol - Legacy Achievement Certificate

Silver Creek Lodge and the Northwest Conservation Corps


We received a warm welcome from Brad Chandler and staff of Silver Falls State Park and the Northwest Youth Corps (NYC) staff. In addition to coming to the park to meet with CCC Legacy attendees, the NYC was in the park doing a project. It was great to meet all of these young people and introduce them to the Boys.  The Northwest Youth Corps was created in 1984 to offer teenagers an education-based, work experience modeled after the CCC. Jeff Parker, Executive Director has worked closely with The Corps Network and other organizations to strengthen the following generations of young people who belong to modern corps.

The historic CCC built Silver Creek Lodge was a wonderful venue to stop and share good food and good company. Tucked in the heart of the park it is an example of the of CCC “parkitecture” at its finest.


Naomi presents a Certificate of Appreciation ot NYC Director Jeff Parker.  


Governor Kate Brown issued a Proclamation  to honor the CCC and was donated to the Forest History Center in Salem.  

Kim Maley (center), Interpretive Park Ranger, shared her desire to see a CCC Worker Statue established in the park.  NYC crew supervisor is posing with the same type of ax held by the CCC boy in the statuette.   

Park Staff and Northwest Youth Corps Staff

Off to Salem and the Forest History Center

Following lunch at Silver Creek Camp, we headed to Salem. The Oregon Forest Office Headquarters opened their conference facilities for our Annual Business meeting and catered dinner following the tour of the History Center. Thank you! 


2018 Annual Meeting Oregon
2018 Annual Meeting Oregon
2018 Annual Meeting Oregon

Day Three - Camp Zigzag, Co. 928

Saturday was a day to visit CCC sites on the Mt. Hood National Forest.  The day started with a tour of the ZigZag Ranger Station, Mt. Hood National Forest, and the location of Co. 928, Camp ZigZag.  In the afternoon, the drive to Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood offered spectacular views of the Cascade Mountain Range.  


The day started with a tour of Zigzag Ranger Station on Mt. Hood National Forest.  Built by the CCC, the buildings are still in use.  During the CCC era, members of CCC Co. 928 , Camp Zigzag, built and additional 9 buildings which are still in use.  Because of the historical significance of the Ranger Station in was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in April 1986.  


Camp Zigzag, Government Camp, OR, was the home of Co. 928.  The company helped to build much of the landscape work and trails in and around Timberline Lodge and the Mt. Hood National Forest.  Today, their trails are well used and continue to carry people of all ages into the forests and through the mountains of Oregon. 



Forest Ranger Bill Westbrook, of Zigzag Ranger District shares  the history of the Ranger Station which is located in the Mount Hood National Forest.  





Mt. Hood and Timberline Lodge

Mt Hood speaks for itself.  At a height of 11,249 feet it is Oregon’s highest mountain and looms over the landscape.  It has long been a mighty landmark from land and sea.  Timberline Lodge was constructed in 1937 at the elevation of 6,000 feet.  The WPA program supplied labor for the construction of the building and the Federal Arts Project supplied skilled artisans to create the interior design elements.  The CCC constructed many of the trails and recreation area features on the mountain.