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Co. 145, #2131 - Plymouth, VT - Coolidge State Forest

Donor:  Randolph Phillips Huber


Donated to honor the service of his Uncle William McPherson Huber, MD. Dr. Huber was born in Chicago in 1903.  In his youth the family ultimately moved to Germanton, PA where he graduated from high school and went on to Haverford College and later received his medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania.  He served as a Major in the Medical Corps during WWII.  In the photo below, Dr. Huber is pictured sitting to the right of the military officer in the civilian dark suit and white shirt and hair parted down the middle. 

Rae V. Parrott. CAPT INF-RES, Commanding; Richard T. Mokeon, ST, F.A.-RES. Earl G. Curtis, Camp Supt.  


Photo by Merritt, Arlington, Mass. Archives#:  15-LF-CLC-6618