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Co. 232, Hattiesburg, MS

Donor:   Harry Caren, submitted for Journal article

Archive#:  13-LF-CLC-6577 

Co. 474, MP-3, Vicksburg, MS - 6-4-36

Description:  “The Hill Billies” from Miss., MP-3,

1st Lt. Nugent Hill.  2nd Lt. RP Johnson, Jr. 

Co. 1255, F-8, Richton, MS, Camp Colmer

Donor:  Mississippi Department of Archives & History. 

Description:  The names of the personnel in these photos are unidentified.  The back of the photos indicate that the camp used the Richton post office address.  

Archive#:  15-LF-CLC-6630

Co. 1486, P-51, Perkinston, MS - March 1945

Donor Shiela Roberts, daughter

Description:  Enrollee Alfred Coulter, lead Mess Staff person, is pictured in the white mess uniform (no hat) standing to the left in the group of three mess staff members. 

 Commanding Officers:  Capt. Sam H.Browne.  Photographer:  American Photo Service San Antonio, Texas 

Archive#:  15-LF-CLC-6621