Co. 1387, NP-3 Skyline Drive

Camp Library – Co. 1387 Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park, VA 

Civilian Conservation Corps Books


  • Annick, Hivert, Cathew.  Proud to Work:  Pictorial History of Michigan’s CCC.  
  • Anderson, Robert E.  Written on the Land.  Fairmont Printer, Fairmont, WV.  2002
  • Armstrong, Frank H., Ph.D., Oates, Marguerite.  Window Seat.  1988, Bull Run of Vermont.
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  • Bush, Harold H.  Flashbacks of a Forest Ranger.  1999.


  • Canton, Steve.  Dusty Roads.  1993. 
  • Carl, Donald DeLancey.  A Time To Remember” .  1991.
  • Cole, Olen Jr. The African American Experience in the Civilian Conservation Corps.  Gainsville: University Press of Florida, 1999.
  • Cohen, Stan. The Tree Army: A Pictorial History of the Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933 1942.
    Missoula, MT: Pictorial Histories Publishing Company, 1980.
  • Conti, Lt. Colonel Phillip M. The CCC:  Salvaging Boys & Other Treasurers.  1998
  • Cornebise, Alfred E. The CCC Chronicles: Camp Newspapers of the Civilian Conservation Corps,1933-1942.  Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc, Publishers, 2004
  • Cunningham, FayL.  I Remember This:  A Memoir from the Great Depression to the Great Recession. 2012


  • Daugherty, Raymond.  The CCC and Me.  2003. (Personal account Co. 1524 Camp Hardy, WV)
  • Davis, Frank C.  My C.C.C. Days.  memories of the Civilian Conservation Corps.  Parkway Publishers, Inc. Boone, North Carolina.  2006
  • Davis, Ren and Helen.  Our Mark on This Land.  McDonald & Woodward, Granville, OH.  2011
  • Derscheid, Lyle A.  The CCC in South Dakiota 1933-1942, Second Edition.  
  • Downing, Donna.  Out of the Ashes:  The memoirs of James R. Wilkins.  1996 
  • Draves, David D.  Builder of Men:  Life in C.C.C. Camps of New Hampshire.  Peter E. Randall Publisher, Portsmouth, NJ, 1992.
  • Durkee, W.X. (Pat).  An American Life through Peace and War.  2010  (Chapter 6, p. 55-65)
  • Duxbury, Kathleen.  The Boys of Bergen:  Remember the CCC in Bergen County, New Jersey.  Duxbury Media, Inc., Ridgewood, New Jersey.  2012
  • Duxbury, Kathleen.  CCC Art: Artists of the Civilian Conservation Corps Marshall Davis Duxbury Media, Inc. Ridgewood, New Jersey. 2014
  • Emery, Tom.  Soldiers with Picks and Shovels:  The CCC Camp at Carlinville, IL,.  History in Print, 337 E. Second South, Carlinville, IL  62626.  2011
  • Engle, Reed L. Everything Was Wonderful –  A Pictorial History of the Cilvian Conservation Corps in Shenandoah Naitonal Park.  Shenandoah Natural History Association, Inc. Luray, VA, 1999.
  • Ermentrout, Robert Allen.  Forgotten Men the Civilian Conservation Corps.  1982   


F – G


  • Galo, George.  The 191st Company.  The Civilian Conservation Corps.  (VT). 1997 
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  • Hill, Edwin G. In the Shadow of the Mountain: The Spirit of the CCC. 1990.
  • Holland, Kenneth and Frank Ernest Hill. Youth in the CCC. 1974.
  • Hinton, Wayne K. with Green, Elizabeth A.  With Picks, Shovels & Hope: The CCC and Its Legacy on the Colorado Plateau. Missoula, Montana. Mountain Press Publishing, 2008
  • Horner, Irene.  Roaring River Heritage.  Chapter 5, pages 33-48.  Litho Printers, Box 488, Cassville, MO  65625. 
  • Howell, Glenn. CCC Boys Remember: A Pictorial History of the CCC.  Medford, OR: Klocker Printery, 1976.
  • Hoyt, Ray. We Can Take It: A Short History of the CCC.  New York: American Book Company, 1935.
  • Huddleston, Connie M.  Images of America Georgia’s Civilian Conservation Corps.  Arcadia Publishing, 2009
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  • Images of America – Cuyahoga Valley.    Arcadia Publishing, 2004
  • Images of of America – Hacklebarney and Voorhees State Parks, Arcadia Publishing, 2006.
  • Images of America – Promised Land State Park, Arcadia Publishing, 2006.
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  • Jones, Paul E.  Forgotten Boys of the CCC Who Enlisted as Boys and were Discharged as Men.  2004
  •  Kiefer, E. Kay and Paul E. Fellows. Hobnail Boots and Khaki Suits: A Brief Look at the Great Depression and the Civilian Conservation Corps as Seen through the Eyes of Those Who Were There. 1983.
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  • Kresek, Ray. Fire Lookouts of the Northwest.  1984.



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T – U


  • Utley, Dan K. and James W. Steely.  Guided with a Steady Hand:  The Cultural Landscape of a Rural Texas Park.  Waco: Baylor University Press, 1998.
V – W
  • White, William G.  The Civilian Conservation Corps in Clark County Nevada;  An Historical Overview and Content.  Harry Reid Center for Environmental Studies, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  May 2003
  • Wirth, Conrad.  Parks, Politics and the People.  1980

X – Y – Z

  • York, Howard F.  I Can’t Forget.  CCC Experiences in Co. 726, Reform, AR, 1994.

CCC Fiction for the Youth reader

  • Ahlman, Larry.  Terror in the Tetons.  2006.
  • Edwards, Judith.  Trouble on the Mountain.  Images from the Past, Inc. 2012
  • Edwards, Judith.  Invasion on the Mountain.  Images from the Past, 2011
  • Ingold Jeanette.  Hitch   (Becoming a man takes work).  Harcourt Publications, 2005.
  • Jamerson, William.  Big Shoulders.  2007.
  • *Schatzer,Jeffery L.  Fires in the Wilderness.



CCC - Other Publish Documents

  • Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society.  The Morrow Brothers of MaComb, IL.  Vol. 104, No. 4 Winter 2011.   p. 336-369.   Illinois State Historical Society; Springfield, IL.  Printer:  William Street Press,  Decatur, IL.
  • Nez Perce County Historical Society.  CCC Boys Remembered.  The Journal:  Historical Events in Nez Perce County and surrounding area. 
  • South Dakota History South Dakota State Historical Society.  Vol. 8, Number 4, Fall 1978. 
  • Trinity 2007.  The Civilian Conservation Corps in Trinity County 1933-1942 (CA) Official Yearbook for Trinity County Historical Society, Weaverville, CA.

The Depression

  • Annick, Hivert, Cathew.  Proud to Work:  Pictorial History of Michigan’s CCC.  
  • Anderson, Robert E.  Written on the Land.  Fairmont Printer, Fairmont, WV.  2002
  • Armstrong, Frank H., Ph.D., Oates, Marguerite.  Window Seat.  1988, Bull Run of Vermont.
  • Audretsch, Robert W. Shaping the Park and Saving the Boys:  The Civilian Conservation Corps at Grand Canyon, 1933-1942. Indianapolis, IN. Dog Ear Publishing.  2011