Organizational goals are an extension of the recognized lynchpins of Civilian Conservation Corps Legacy.  The purpose of our goals is to promote awareness of the CCC program and the men who served so communities can recognize the value of the enduring strength of America’s youth during the Great Depression and visualize the tremendous resulting social and cultural benefits.  

Honor those who responded to the call to become stewards of the land. 

  • Support the CCC Worker Statue program and try and meet the alumni goal of having a statue in every state.  

Preserve the stories of the people and projects of the CCC.

  • Record and collect materia that tells the CCC story

  • Continue the develop of the archival system that holds personal papers, photographs, memorabilia.

  • Continue to digitize the collection so that it can be viewed on the website. 

Develop education programs that will teach citizens of all ages.   

  • Educational programs for students, teachers and youth organizations.  
  • Youth outreach programs that reach the value of conservation heritage and the part the CCC play in developing the modern conservation system.

Support the preservation of CCC heritage.

  • Develop a program to respond to the growing need to recognize and support effots to preserve and restory structures.  
  • Gather research on Camp Roosevelt, location in Shenandoah County, Virginia which was the first CCC camp in America. 

Strengthen CCC Legacy

  • Create partnerships that highlight the vast kegact if tge CCC and its contribution to the American life and culture.
  • Foster an interest in other communities that hold pieces of CCC history through partnerships with other historical organizations. 
CCCC Alumni- CCC Legacy Annual Gathering