CCC Legacy National Statue Program

The concept of the CCC Worker Statue program was developed by former Chapter #129 of Grayling, Michigan in 1995.  Program coordinator Rev. William Fraser had the dream to have a statue in every state.  This dream comes closer to reality each year. 

The dream of CCC alumni is now the dream of those who follow.  These statues introduce millions of Americans to CCC heritage across the nation.  They bring attention to the CCC program and the great contribution of the men who served.  


Statue #44 - George Washington National Forest, Edinburg, VA

How do we honor? 

As enrollees struggled with the hard labor associated with renewing America’s natural resources, they were grateful to have “three hots and a cot”.   With one seedling, or one stone, or one shovel of soil, they were building the infrastructure for the national recreation and conservation systems that we enjoy today.  As they worked, we wonder if they would have thought that monuments would be built to honor the daily labor that became so essential to their well being.  

Monuments tell a story and are a long term exhibit that can be meaningful to many generations.  The CCC Worker Statue is a monument to builders of modern conservation.  One facet of the national CCC interpretive campaign is to strive to have a CCC Worker State in each state.

To date, members and their supporters have purchased 76 life size statues across America.  These statues stand as a testament to the pride, hard work, and desire to teach the meaning of the CCC in America.  

CCC Worker Statue Order Information:  Are you interested in ordering a statue for your community?

To order, call 540-984-8735 or email [email protected]