Co. 2754, Badlands, SD - 1939

Donor:  unknown

Archive#:  13-LF-CLC-6578 

Note with photo:  Location was atop Cuny Table along South Dakota’s Badlands wall 28 miles from Wall, SD and 58 miles east of the Black Hills.  We got used to it but it took some time after they moved the camp from the beautiful Black Hills in 1939.  Then, quite suddenly like the blink of an eye those South Dakota Badlands played a tune on your heartstrings.   Hard to explain and years later looking at a photo of those CCC Boys with the badlands in the background just about made a man doke down.  I left there with 12 CCC Boys who volunteered a year before Pearl Harbor.  A couple of years before D-Day our unit of Combat Engineers trained in Northern Ireland for a long trek in North Africa and up through Italy.