CCC Legacy programs are based on our mission to preserve the heritage of our CCC Alumni and the work they accomplished in our nation.  They are a combination of education and preservation which focuses on our goals.


Recognition and memorials:

  • CCC Worker Statue Program – CCC Legacy strives to continue the alumni effort begun in 1996 to have a CCC Worker Statue in every state in the nation.
  • Commemorative Paver Wall.

Sharing CCC history

  • CCC Interpretive Center.
  •  CCC Legacy Journal.

Preserving and sharing information

  •  CCC Legacy Archive.
  • Digital database of Journal content.
Care for public land
  • Support National Public Lands Day.
  • Encourage care and maintenance of public land established by the CCC.
  • Invite scouts and other volunteers to hold cleanup projects on public land.

Youth Corps Support.

  • Connect with modern corps to share the heritage of the youth of the 1930s.