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Co. 531, F-132, Pritchard, ID

Archive#:  15-LF-CLC-6620  


Co. 558, F-137, Camp Deception Creek, Corer D'Alene, ID

Donor:  D’Ann Boone

Description:  Donated in honor of Clarence Dean Walter.  Seated 12th from the right.  Also known as Uncle Chessie, He is pictured in the group photo at Fort Knox, 4th row up, 5th from left end.  He served from 1934-1939.


Archive :  15-LF-CLC-6620-01


Co. 1296, G-95 Camp Salmon, Baker, ID 1940

Donor:  Frank Augustine

Description:  Also see, Co. 3201, F-136, OR for more Augustine photos 

Archive#:  13-LF-CLC–6565

Co. 1503, SCS-1, Moscow, ID - 1938-1939

Donor:  Linda Saft. 

Collection of photos belonging to her father, Paul Saft. 

Archive#:  11-LF-CLC-6318

Co. 1651, Ahsahka, ID - 1935

Donor:  Maria Gardner

Description:  Collection of enrollee Melvin J. Dunklau.  The documentation for the collection also mentions F-129, Lowell, ID.  

Archive#:  11-LF-CLC-6421


Co. 2527, Camp Ketchum - 1940

Donor:  Lloyd Mielke from Martin Matune

Description:  Photo back reads:  Drilling holes for the blasting crew in the summer of 1940 from Camp Ketchum, ID #2527.  Work being done on Trail Creek Road.  

Archives#:  11-LF-CLC-6421


Co. 3275, F-107, Camp Pollock, ID - March 1939

Donor:  Pirello family

Description:  1st LT. Thomas Heath, Commander

Archive#:  10-LF-CLC-6347