Civilian Conservation Corps Legacy
"Passing the Legacy to Future Generations"  

Statue Installation

How do we install our statue?    A common question when the 6 foot man in bronze is rolled off the truck. Questions about installation --  

Delivery:  Statues are shipped by common carrier and time of delivery can fluctuate.  Traditionally the driver will call the day before to arrange the details.  

During shipping, the statue arrives bundled up and well protected for his journey from Detroit.  The truck driver forwarded the message from the manufacturer to use caution when handling the statue.  The weakest part of the design is the weld between the statue hand and the ax.  Forest Service personnel described the unloading as "not a problem".  

Statue Delivery by common carrier 
Rinker and Frye Memorials of Mt. Jackson, VA, installed the Edinburg statue.  Armed with the appropriate equipment there was a feeling of confidence that the statue would be in good hands with a professional monument company.  

 Rinker and Frye professional monument installer
 Ready to go!  The statue is shipped on a pallet.  This needs to be removed and made ready for the installation.  

The statue is lifted.  Strong woven straps attached to the overhead crane are wrapped securely around the statue and aided in elevating the statue to the installation location.

 Shipping Pallet
Templates show where to drill.  The holes are sketched after the statue is fabricated.  Each statue is slightly different and these templates are not  interchangeable.  

 Left to right the statue base is approximately 27 inches.  Front to back the statue base is approximately 17 inches.  

The statue is hoisted into the air and the threaded bolts are screwed into the feet.  Epoxy glue poured into the drilled holes, secures the statue in place.  There are no nuts.  

 Lifting statue to installation location
 Prior to the shipment of the statue, you will receive a template and four threaded bolts that are one inch in diameter.  The bolts are secured through the use of epoxy glue which the recipient/installer must purchase.  Issues regarding a firm footing for the statue and security have prompted the increase to the number of four bolts being currently used....Visitors love to have their photos taken with the statue.  
 Template showing where to place the bolts
 The drilling begins.  After identifying where to place the bolts, holes can be drilled to secure the statue in place.  


 Drill holes to hold the bolts
 Lining up the bolts and the drilled holes.   


 Lining up the bolts and the holes.
 Finally at rest.  A dream come true!  

After seven years of selling cups, t-shirts, books, granite pavers and other 
memorabilia, enough money was raised to realize the dream of the CCC Worker Statue to honor the men of Camp Roosevelt and the men of the CCC.  

 Boys of all generations.  Thanks to the staff of Rinker and Frye Memorials for doing such a great job of preparing the statue to receive visitors.    

 CCC Statue finally at rest.















Architectural drawing for pedestal base. Download here. pdf 

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