Civilian Conservation Corps Legacy
"Passing the Legacy to Future Generations"  

About Us

Elbert Lee Hubbard Collection - Co. 689, Camp Cusino, MI

The Civilian Conservation Corps Legacy represents the alumni of America and strives
to bring awareness to the heritage of the CCC, CCC alumni, their programs and accomplishments.  
For many years, alumni across America have elevated their heritage though consistently
reminding citizens, historians, and natural resource agencies
of its great impact on the American culture.  Now, as times passes, it is up to following generations to continued their work.    

Please join the effort to continue the legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corps. 


To our website readers 

Who are we?  ......
Civilian Conservation Corps Legacy

In 2007, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Legacy was established through a merger between the Camp Roosevelt CCC Legacy Foundation and the National Association of CCC Alumni (NACCCA).  The purpose of CCC Legacy is to continue the promotion of the CCC in America and pass the legacy of the CCC to following generations.


Our main organizational goals are:  

  • Building a strong organization for the future
  • Sustainability
  • Outreach
  • Education
  • Interpretation
Although this list looks simple, it encompasses many important elements that will sustain CCC heritage for many years in the future.  For anyone who has delved into the elements of preserving CCC heritage, they become acutely aware of the great need for action.  As an organization whose mission is to make sure the CCC is not forgotten, it is demonstrated that there is a great interest in learning more about conservation heritage and how it affects us today.

CCC alumni have made a remarkable contribution.  Now, it is time for following generations to step forward to help secure their hard work. 

General Information

  • The Civilian Conservation Corps Legacy is an incorporated non-profit membership group organized in the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Purpose:  Dedicated to research, preservation and education to promote a better understand of the CCC and its continuing contribution to American life and culture.
  • Serve as a national presence to bolster the visibility of the CCC
  • Spark awareness of the CCC men and their projects through the use of education, oral histories, research and heritage based tourism.  


  • Membership dues support the overhead operations
  • Sales of merchandise earns fund for preservation and educational projects
  • Donations are always welcome and are tax deductible

Mission Statement

The Civilian Conservation Corps Legacy is a non-profit organization dedicated to research, preservation, and education to promote a better understanding of the CCC and its continuing contribution to American life and culture.  

Board of Directors - 2020

The CCC Legacy Board of Directors is made up of seven members from varied backgrounds, experiences, and locations.
  • Joan Sharpe, VA, President
  • Jean Martin, VP, VA
  • Naomi Shaw, MO, Secretary
  • Daniel Newquist, SC Treasurer
  • Marty Podskoch, CT
  • James Rau, TX
  • Martha Smith, MI


  • Monthly telephone conference board meetings are held to conduct corporate business and program development. 
  • The required annual membership meeting is held in the last four months of the year and is combined with the national CCC Legacy Gathering.  
  • Remaining chapters gather for business and social events.


Cooks PatchDid you know?  
A position in the Mess Hall was always a welcome assignment.  It was free of the hard work of outdoor labor and made you a popular member of camp when someone needed an extra little snack.  Cooks were generally sent to the Army Cooks and Bakers School.  They learned cooking methods for large groups of men and sanitation and food preservation methods to create a safe healthy kitchen.  When WWII began and CCC enrollees began their military service, many former CCC cooks were sent straight to work bypassing boot camp and achieving a higher rank early in their military career.     

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