Civilian Conservation Corps Legacy
"Passing the Legacy to Future Generations"  

Member Activities


CCC Legacy Members and their communities continually strive to bring the word of the Civilian Conservation Corps to the public.  Their interests range from the simplest of tasks to in-depth research and preserving CCC structures.  Volunteers of all ages participate.
  • Scout groups maintain public land.
  • CCC alumni tell their stories.   
  • Agencies host reunions and events that share their CCC story with their visitors.
  • History organizations research and showcase the local and regional ccc heritage.
  • Modern corpsmembers help maintain and restore CCC construction. 
  • Donations to the archive are preserved and shared.   
If you are a member, and would like to share your projects with other CCC advocates, please send an email to  If you are not a member, please join and let us know what you are doing to keep the heritage of the CCC alive.    


If you are an advocate for CCC heritage and have something planned let us share it on the web or you can join our FaceBook page: 


Enjoy the slideshow below of Interpretive Signs that were installed at Camp Roosevelt, Virginia
as a result of an Eagle Scout Project
Click below images to enlarge and view..  

CCC Legacy Journal
captures the news!

If you have CCC information you would like to share in the CCC Legacy Journal, please contact ccc@ccclegacy,org

or call

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