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CCC Statue Dedications

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Statue #65 - Fox River Park
Kenosha County Parks

Burlington, WI
September 30, 2015

Fox River Park has served the community since it was built between 1934 and 1937 by CCC Companies 2625 and 2655.  On September 30, the community honored the heritage of the CCC in the Kenosha County Park through the dedication of the 65th CCC Worker Statue.  Thanks to the diligent work of county staff members and a generous donation  of the John & Ruth L. Kloss Charitable Trust the statue became a reality.   

Statue #64 - Trees For Tomorrow
Eagle River, WI
June 14, 2015

Flag Day meant something special to all who attended the CCC Worker Statue Dedication at Trees For Tomorrow.  Bill Jamerson of Michigan provided the history of the CCC in song and story, which set the tone for an appreciation of the hard work done by the men of the CCC.  

The project was funded through a major donation from Richard Chrisinger of Springfield, Missouri, and Trees for Tomorrow.  The names of donors appear on a plaque that will be placed on the interior of the building.

CCC Alumni in attendance were Richard Chrisinger, MO, (L) and Fred Miller, WI (R). 


Statue #63 - Cheaha State Park
Delta, AL
May 31, 2015
The placement of the Cheaha State Park Statue is a direct result of  long term determination on the part of Grant Atkinson, Eagle Scout, Alabama State Park system and CCC Legacy.  

The statue stands near the CCC built observation tower and museum.  

Photo by Bill Wilson, Anniston Star


#62 Ouabache State Park, Bluffton, IN
Statue #62  - Ouabache State Park
Bluffton, IN
October 5, 2014

 Ouabache State Park is a much loved local recreational site to CCC advocates of Bluffton, IN.  This enthusiasm for CCC history was focused in an effort that created the Friends of Ouabache State Park under the leadership of Myrna and Rocky Myrtle.  

As a daughter of a CCC Boy, Myrna was determined and focused on creating a means to honor her Dad and the men of Co.1592 who served there.  After a two year fundraising effort, the proud day arrived when the statue was dedicated and has taken its place in the recreational area of Kunkle Lake.   

Visitors still enjoy the herd of American Bison managed by the park staff, fire tower, lodge and other structures built by the CCC.  

S#61 CCC Worker Statue Roaring River State Park, MOtatue #61 - Roaring River State Park
Cassville, MO
May 4, 2013

As part of the 80th Anniversary of the CCC, Missouri advocates for a CCC Worker Statue realized their dream of placing the second statue in their state.  Through the efforts of CCC Legacy members Richard Chrisinger and his daughter Naomi Shaw, the statue now stands in the picnic area built by the CCC.  

Gov. Jay Nixon of Missouri was the keynote speaker at the event and is pictured here with CCC enrollees as they unveil this symbol of CCC accomplishment.  

#60 Pickett CCC Memorial State Park, TN Statue #60 - Pickett CCC Memorial State Park 
Jamestown, TN
September 20, 2012

During the 75th Anniversary celebration of the Tennessee State Park System, the dedication of the CCC Worker Statue was an added bonus for visitors.  The Tennessee State Park system headed the effort to fund the statue and have it placed near the museum and park visitors center. 

#59 Hyner View State Park, PA Statue #59 - Hyner View State Park
Renovo, PA
September 18, 2012

Out of dedication to his friends, Joseph Wiedemer of Altoona, PA, kept his promise that he would get a statue for Hyner View State Park.  The beautiful view and a mutual fondness for outdoor sports bonded the men as they grew up together in the mountains of Pennsylvania.  After several years of planning a dream came true and the statue was dedication.  This is the 7th statue in the state of Pennsylvania making it the state that had the largest number of statues.  

#58 Gambrill State Park  Statue #58 - Gambrill State Park
Thurmont, MD
November 5, 2011

Through the cooperation of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Chapter #113, and Potomac Edison a statue was placed in Gambrill State Park near the Tea Room.  From the area visitors can enjoy the valley from the CCC built overlooks.  Chapter #113 was on hand for the dedication along with guest speakers from Maryland State Parks.  

#57 Lumber Heritage Museum, PA Statue #57 - Lumber Heritage Museum
Galeton, PA
September 25, 2011

The CCC Worker Statue at the Pennsylvania Lumber Heritage Museum is a symbol for the long and lasting heritage of the lumber industry in Pennsylvania.  The effort was spearheaded by Mike Wennin, Executive Director of the museum as the latest exhibit to showcase CCC heritage.  This is the 6th statue in the state of Pennsylvania. 
#56 Damascus, AR Statue #56, - Damascus, AR
345 Camphill Road
May 31, 2011

The 56th statue is placed at the site of the former Co. 3781, SCS-5.  This camp is on private ground owned by the Dipert family and they have gone to great lengths to restore and maintain the original rock entrance and preserve its heritage.  The Dipert family generously funded the statue and orchestrated the event.  The senior Dan Dipert (left) was a cook at the camp and was the first one in the camp area preparing for the rest of the company to arrive.   The public is invited to view the statue. 

#55 Lacey Keosauqua State Park Statue #55 - Lacey Keosauqua State park
Keosauqua, IA
July 31, 2010

The first statue in Iowa was a joint effort between the newly formed Iowa Hawkeye Chapter and the Friends of Lacey Keosauqua.  The park is making a renewed effort to preserve its CCC heritage and the statue brings attention to its heritage.  It stands by the stone gatehouse and lodge built by the CCC.


#54 Versailles State Park, IN Statue #54 - Versailles State Park
Versailles, IN
May 21, 2010

The effort to place this statue was a joint family, community and statue effort.  It is located near the State Park entrance.   

Statue #53, Guernsey State Park, WY Statue #53 - Guernsey State Park, WY
October 11, 2009

e Friends of Guernsey State Park were forced to cancel the unveiling of the the CCC statue scheduled for Sunday, Oct 11 due to snow that dumped 13 inches of snow in Wyoming's southeast corner.  A casual gathering was held and a more formal gathering will take place when the weather is more conducive to gathering. The statue was funded by the Friends of Guernsey State Park.  


Statue #52 Hartwick Pines State Park, MI Statue #52 - Hartwick Pines State Park
Graying, MI
June 20, 2009

John Selesky (left) president and Bob Fyvie (right) vice president of CCC Legacy Chapter #129 unveil the 52th CCC Worker which has been placed in the area of the state park’s logging museum.  The unveiling of the CCC Worker Statue was a part of the celebration of the 90th anniversary of Michigan State Parks. This is the third statue for Michigan.   

  •  The first statue was placed at Higgins Lake State Park in 1995.
  •  Second at the Tahquamenon Logging Museum in Newberry, MI, placed by Chapter #161 in 2002.
  •  Third statue in Michigan placed at Hartwick Pines State Park 2009 by Chapter 129.
Statue #51, Hill City, SD
 Statue #51 - Hill City, South Dakota
May 16, 2009

Under the bright blue skies and a balmy spring South Dakota breeze nearly 250 CCC enthusiast gathered to dedicate the 51st CCC Workers State and the new CCC Museum at the Hill City Visitors Center.  The event was organized by CCC Legacy members Jay Hendrickson, and Peggy Sanders.  11 year old Andrew Weathermon was one of the main speakers and has given frequent presentations about the CCC.  

Funding for the statue was provided by CCC Legacy Melvin Hermanson of Rapid City, SD.  

L-R:  Joan Sharpe, Peggy Sanders, Andrew Weathermon 


#50 Phoenix South Mountain Park Statue #50 - Phoenix South Mountain Park
Phoenix, AZ
February 21, 2009

Coordinated by the members of Chapter #44 and the Jack Duncan Family.  The statue is located at the visitors center entrance.

Phoenix South Mountain Park is considered the largest municipal park in the nation and over more than 16,000 acres.  


#49 Santa Fe, NM Statue #49 - Capitol Grounds
Santa Fe, NM
January 16, 2009

Sponsorship Chapter #141, the National New Deal Preservation Association and the New Mexico Legislature.  

Dedicated in conjunction with the 75th Anniversary of the CCC.


Photo - Pending

Statue #48 - Colossal Cave Mountain Park
New Mexico
October 25, 2008

The placement of the statue was fostered by Colossal Cave Mountain Park.  Through the generous donation of Chapter #44 member, Gerald Johnson of Bisbee, AZ, the statue became a reality.  Chapter #44 participated of Phoenix participated in the program.  From 1934 to 1937 two CCC Companies, 858 and 2851 worked inside the cave.  They widened passages, established trails, installed handrails and lighting, and enlarged the entrance.  Above ground they constructed the magnificent hewn limestone retain wall and headquarters.  

#47 Elephant Butte State Park, NMStatue #47 - Elephant Butte State Park 
New Mexico
October 18, 2008

Walter Atwood unveils the statue.   Dedicated in conjunction with the 75th Anniversary of the CCC.


Petit Jean State Park, ARStatue #46   
Petit Jean State Park
August 30, 2008

The statue was dedicated on the annual Founders Day event held at Petit Jean State Park.  The statue was dedicated by Richard Davies, Executive Director of Arkansas Parks and Tourism,  He is the grandson of Samuel Davies, a civil engineer hired during the building of Petit Jean who became project superintendent  of CCC Co. V-1718 and eventually the first Director of Arkansas State Parks. 

The statue is located at the site of the CCC camp.  As a camp of Many of the buildings built by Co. 1718-V are still in use today and reflect the skill, craftsmanship and mission of the CCC.  

Dedicated in conjunction with the 75th 
Anniversary of the CCC.

Pictured:  (L) Park Superintendent Wally Scherrey (R) Richard Davies.

#45 Sacramento, CAStatue #45 - Sacramento, CA
California Conservation Corps Headquarters 
June 25, 2008

This statue is located in the lobby of the California Conservation Corps Headquarters building.  It is in the only statue shelter inside and housed on the grounds of a current conservation corps facility.  Funds were raised by NACCCA co-founder Robert L. Griffiths and the dedication was held in conjunction with the California Conservation Corps.  

Dedication in conjunction with the 75th Anniversary of the CCC. 

Pictured to the right is Robert Griffiths. 



#44 George Washington National Forest - Edinburg, VAStatue #44 - Edinburg, VA
George Washington National Forest
Lee Ranger District
May 17, 2008

The Edinburg statue was placed on the 75th Anniversary of the Civilian Conservation Corps and highlights the history of Camp Roosevelt which is America's first CCC Camp which was located on the Massanutten Mountain in the Shenandoah Valley of VA.    

The fundraising effort was accomplished by selling CCC merchandise and CCC Commemorative pavers.  The pavers make up the Commemorative Wall which honors the men of the  CCC from across the nation.  

The commemorative area and statue stands in view of Edinburg Gap which crosses the Massanutten Mountain.  A mountain road used by the boys to come into Edinburg for supplies and recreation.     The memorial area is located at the CCC Legacy office.  


#34 O'Leno Statue Park, FLStatue #43 - High Springs, FL
O'Leno State Park
March 15, 2008

Chapter #143 was a faithful servant to the CCC heritage of O'Leno State Park.  As part of the national 75th Anniversary activities they dedicated the CCC Worker Statue to help remember the work of their members and the work of the alumni who served in the park.  The statue was purchased by George and Peggy LeCouris who were chapter members and life members of NACCCA.  


#42 Warren County, PAStatue # 42 - Warren County - Pennsylvania
Warren County Visitor Center
August 24, 2007

Pennsylvania has a rich history of the CCC and its citizens stand out in the nation as strong advocates for the community history that they still enjoy.  The Tionesta Valley Snowmobile Club is an example of citizens groups preserving and enjoying the local CCC history that is so much a part of their community.  As they use the Allegheny National Forest for recreational snowmobiling they also salute the men of the CCC.  Thanks to the Tionesta Valley Snowmobile Club for organizing the fundraising and placement of the #42 CCC Worker Statue.  They also still maintain the tradition of holding the annual picnic at the statue and near by parks.   

Route 6, Warren, PA.  
Statue #36 - Shenandoah National Park Statue #36 - Luray Virginia
Shenandoah National Park
September 30, 2006

Placed at the Byrd Visitors Center, Big Meadows, VA  Dedicated through the efforts of the Barlow family of Stanley, VA.

Statue #35 - McCall, Idaho, August 5, 2006 


Statue #32, Lolo National Forest
STATUE # 32  - Saltese, MT
Lolo National Forest
Dedicated July 15, 2005

Dedicated through the efforts of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin "Jiggs" Hudson - former president of NACCCA chapter 78. Located at  the site of CCC Camp F-9 at Haugan, Montana (About 156 miles east of the Idaho/Montana state line.)

The statue is located on the Lolo National Forest and placed at the site of the historic Savenac Nursery.  The Savenac Visitor Center now occupies the original administrative building and visitors can review the history of the nursery and its CCC connection.  

The nursery which was started in 1910 became a site for CCC workers to aid in the tree planting program that was so important to their work.  A self-guided interpretive tour, which takes about one half hour to complete, leads visitors through the compound highlighting the history of the site, nursery operations, and the fires of 1910.

Picnic tables are available for those wishing to stop and enjoy lunch.


Statue #25 Pisgah National Forest
STATUE # 25  - Pisgah Forest, NC
Pisgah National Forest, NC 
Dedicated August 22, 2004

In cooperation with Chapter 175, the US Forest Service, Pisgah Ranger District and a generous donation from Robert Winston the state was dedication on August 22, 2004.  Robert Winston, Chapter President purchased the monument and it was erected at the former site of Camp John Rock (F-1, F-28) where Companies 402 and 428 served between 1934 and 1941.   


Statue #24, Promised Land State Park, PA
Statue #24 - Greentown, PA
Promised Land State Park 
Dedicated August 21, 2004
This statue is placed by the Masker CCC Museum in Promised Land State Park and is the site of the annual CCC gathering.  


#19 Roosevelt Park, Edison, NJ
Statue #19  - Edison New Jersey
Roosevelt Park
March 31, 2003
CCC Boy and long time CCC advocate John Blackie" Meszaros, President of Chapter 24 advocated for a statue at Roosevelt Park.  Through his generous donation a statue was place to honor the men of the CCC.  This photo was taken on the 10th Anniversary of the Dedication of the Statue on March 31, 2013.  The statue was funded by John "Blackie" Meszaros, President of Chapter 24. 

 Now that the chapter is closed, the tradition of caring for the statue is be passed on to his son.  

Following in his father’s footsteps, Melvyn Meszaros, of New Jersey has continued to celebrate the heritage of the CCC in Roosevelt Park.  On March 30, 2013, the 10th Anniversary, in a ceremony fitting to honor the CCC a Marine Guard placed wreaths at the site of the 19th CCC Worker Statue and posted the colors. 



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