Civilian Conservation Corps Legacy
"Passing the Legacy to Future Generations"  

CCC Legacy Journal

Co. 689, Camp Cusino, MI

Journal Highlights

 The CCC Legacy Journal is the only document of its kind in America.  The Journal is published six times a year and it's content regularly includes articles on the CCC, organizational activities that further the heritage of the CCC and organizational business. 

 Journals readers are a unique audience.  CCC alumni, sons, daughters, authors, historians, agency staff and advocates all share the same desire to learn more and honor the men that served.  Authors and historians share their work because it gives them an opportunity to share information on their new books and other publications that are of interest to readers.  

 Articles are contributed from many sources.   Alumni share their experiences with great enthusiasm and pride, and their personal accounts continually reveal snippets of the CCC experience that teach all of us about the Great Depression and its impact on America's youth.    Although the history articles are inviting, the pages also tell of current events that are important to the education and promotion of CCC heritage in America. 

 The original publication began in 1978, under the name of the National Association of CCC Alumni (NACCCA) Journal.  For over 30 years this publication recorded CCC alumni activities and history.  Its pages tell the story of the alumni organization and its advocacy to elevate the awareness of the CCC. Since 2008, the newsletter has been published under the name of CCC Legacy Journal and although the name was changed to reflect changing times the purpose and content are still focused on supplying information to advocates.  Through the years, its size and shape has evolved to meet the needs of the budget and the desires of the membership which have all added to the history of the document and its story.  (More NACCCA Journal History) 

 For those interested in receiving the Journal, it is a benefit of your membership  dues of $20 annually.  Selected articles are included on the web.  Due to the personal membership information on some of its pages the whole publication is not loaded onto the internet.  CCC Legacy has the responsibility of protecting personal information of members.       

 In accordance with the bylaws, the Journal is the official newsletter to the membership in matters of significance to the operations and election process.  

 As of January 1, 2013 a digital colored version of the Journal will now be available to members.  As the demographic of our organization changes we are trying to meet the requests of members who prefer digital communication.  The digital version is a colored version the the same format but is a searchable pdf.   

 Publication information:  If you would like to submit and article for review and possible publication, please contact the CCC Legacy office at or by telephone 540-984-8735.  
NACCCA/CCC Legacy Journal Digitized

As an 80th Anniversary tribute to the alumni of the CCC a decision was made to preserve the content of the NACCCA and CCC Legacy Journal.   This preservation projects includes the digitization of all volumes in a searchable pdf format.  This preservation project is one  facet of our Educational Programming.

For 30 years, the NACCCA Journal served as the center point for sharing membership activities and recording CCC history.  The history and personal accounts contained in these volumes is a concentrated resource for our members as well as researchers and interested libraries.  

The project included sorting, counting, and filing past editions into a retrievable system.  

The project of scanning 37 years of newsletters is a revelation that follows the history of the organization, its members, and their CCC experiences.  
USB drives that share the content of all of these newsletters are available for purchase by contacting the office via email 
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