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Co. 1383, SCS-2, Punxsutawny, PA
Library - Co. 1383, SCS-2, Punxsutawney, PA 

Sharing a digital version of the CCC Legacy collection of photos and documents is an important facet of the educational program.   These pages are under construction and will be updated frequently.

Sharing CCC heritage

Many donations from CCC advocates and families have been given with the thought of sharing these items with other to help expand CCC history.  It has been a long time goal of CCC Legacy to provide an accessible online environment for people who want to learn more.

For those who have been working with CCC history, it has been learned that there are many unexplained discrepancies in CCC research.  Sometimes these discrepancies plague inquiries because of lack of substantiating documents.    In some cases, the descriptions of photos entered on these pages are based on what is known to the donor.  If you have additional information that should be explored, please send an email.  If you think something should be added or changed, please send an email with verification.

As you view these entries, please think about the content:  It is important to note:
  • The operation of the CCC was moving fast and companies and agencies moved men and camps often.
  • CCC enrollees remember things differently depending on the roll they played and the enrollment period they served.  The camp of 1933 would be very different than the camp of 1941.
  • Information is not always recorded accurately.
  • There is much to learn and record about the CCC program even though it is considered modern history. 
The development of the digital collection is an ongoing project and will grow and develop as time and resources allow. 

History needs us to help tell this story.  Your thoughts and ideas are welcome.  

As a viewer if you have a digital archive that is available to others online, please share your link. 

We are "better together" preserving the heritage of the CCC.  



Camp Educational Adviser PatchDid you know ? 

The Camp Education Adviser (CEA) Assistant Patch: The CEA  was tasked with developing the academic structure related to the education of the CCC enrollees in a camp.  Classes ranged from the basic reading, writing, and arithmetic  to college level classes for those who qualified.  Vocational training was a big part of the education process and included many hands-on learning experiences such as truck driving, engine repair, road building, masonry,  woodworking, construction and other skills that could be used in future life.  
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