Civilian Conservation Corps Legacy
"Passing the Legacy to Future Generations"  


For the sake of our website, artifacts are described as three dimensional objects.  There are a wide range of objects related to the CCC program and cover every aspect of life, work and recreation in the camp environment.   

The purpose of this portion of the website, is to share images of items that are maintained in the archives.  Items will be added to this section as time allows.  
CCC Patches:

Many varieties of patches and insignia were developed during the time of the CCC to help identify camps and rank.  In most cases, these items were purchased by the enrollee.  In addition to the Happy Days Newspaper there were several companies that sold these items.  



One of the popular pieces of memorabilia purchased by the CCC boys were pennants.  Pennants were common to the World War I and II eras and were especially popular among educational institutions.  These colorful banners came in a variety of styles and designs and could easily fit into the foot lockers and were convenient to send home to family and friends.  They could be purchased through the camp canteen, Happy Days Newspaper and other available publications.  

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