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"Passing the Legacy to Future Generations"  

2011 Vol. 35, Issue 3- May June

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CCC Legacy Encourages Local Awareness-Shenandoah County Heritage Day
Ranger Jim Smalls Moves to Next Assignment

CCC Legacy Journal:  Vol. 35, Issue 3 - May June 2011

CCC Legacy Encourages Local Awareness

For several years, CCC Legacy has participated in the Shenandoah County Heritage Day.  This annual local  Virginia event provides an opportunity for history organizations, genealogists, family historians and attendees to teach and explore community history.  

Participation provides a chance to expose more people to  CCC heritage, gather personal accounts, and network with other historical entities.   

Bringing awareness to local CCC heritage is a task that falls to all CCC advocates.  Considered to be modern history, it vies for attention with other important facets of American history.  CCC Legacy feels that it is important to interface with other historic organizations and meld modern community history with the rich heritage of other historical periods such as the settlement history, Revolutionary and Civil Wars, War of 1812 and others.  

Board member, Jean Martin, helps to organize this community event and provides a valuable historical contribution to Shenandoah County.   Through her advocacy the CCC is a more recognized entity.  

Fort Valley, VA is nearly entirely surrounded by the George Washington National Forest and is the location of the Camp Roosevelt Recreation Area.   The primary work of Camp Roosevelt enrollees was the construction of roads, fire trails, rock walls, and campgrounds within this unique valley community.  Named after its geological structure, Fort Valley is a valley within a valley.  

Today, local citizens and  visitors enjoy the outdoor recreation areas that were made possible through the labor of the men of the CCC program.  

To assist in the maintenance of Camp Roosevelt, CCC Legacy has scheduled a clean-up day to prepare for the summer tourist season. 


CCC Legacy Journal:  Vol. 35, Issue 3 - May June 2011

Ranger Smalls Moves to Next Assignment

For the last 12 years, Jim Smalls, Ranger for the USDA FS Lee District, has been a staunch advocate for the Civilian Conversation Corps on the George Washington National Forest, VA.  He is now moving onto his next assignment at the National Forest Washington Office in Washington, DC.  

 As a professional public land manager, Ranger Smalls has great appreciation for the Civilian Conservation Corps and its lasting contribution to our National Forest system and communities.  It is this appreciation that extends to local citizen groups and encourages them to help care and preserve our local conservation culture.    

 CCC Legacy has been the recipient of this appreciation.   His mentoring has set the tone for success.  Through his thoughtfulness and his willingness to work with us as community advocates, our organization is better focused and better able to make a conscientious effort to protect our CCC heritage on public land, be an asset to our community and to the Lee District.  

 Like the Rangers who preceded him, local CCC heritage is in a better state because of their concern and care.  Under his leadership, CCC Legacy maintains two agreements with the George Washington National Forest.  They are a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and a Participating Agreement.  These agreements create the relationship that allows CCC Legacy to have a presence in the Visitor Center, work in the Archives, and advocate for the care of public land.  

 CCC Legacy has been working with the Lee District since 2000, to create the CCC Interpretive Center in Edinburg.  Much has been accomplished in those 11 year, but there are more goals to meet.  Finishing the interpretive center displays and creating sustainable programs for the future is a top priority to help educate Americans. 

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