Civilian Conservation Corps Legacy
"Passing the Legacy to Future Generations"  

Volunteer Opportunities

CCC Legacy volunteers and Scouts demonstrate their impact to help promote CCC heritage.  From cleaning trails to selling chicken, it is all a part of supporting the mission of CCC Legacy.  

Come and help!  Call 540-984-8735 or email


Become a volunteer!

CCC Legacy is an all volunteer managed organization.  It depends on members and advocates to continue the work of honoring the heritage of the CCC.  Across the nation, individuals, historians, and agencies strive to document CCC history.  

Volunteer opportunities cover a wide range of activities.  They are as simple as helping to clean trails and as complex as working with the CCC Legacy Archive.  Although some tasks have to be accomplished in the CCC Legacy office others can be done online, or even, in your own neighborhood. 

Volunteer Opportunities

CCC Legacy depends on people who care enough to volunteer. If you are a member, do not underestimate the value of your $20 membership or your time.  This organization is only as good as our membership.  Members keep the doors open and provide opportunities to share the story of the CCC at many different levels.  

Volunteer contributions that help support CCC heritage in your community or online are:
  • CCC Legacy Journal Editor 
  • CCC Legacy Journal articles  - Share your CCC related project or research in the Journal. 
  • Data Entry - Journal Content Database/Index
  • Education Committee:  Help to develop an education program 
  • CCC Legacy Gathering:  Organize the annual membership event
  • NPLD / Outdoor Service Projects  - Care for public land and bring attention to CCC projects through service and education. 
  • Speak at community organizations
  • Scouts:  Lend your expertise to organizing an effort to promote the CCC within the Scouting system.
Virginia Projects:  
  • CCC Legacy Archive - Scan, photograph, and data entry CCC Legacy archival database
  • Local events:  Help to organize local CCC education and conservation events.
  • Assist in the office.   

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