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Tim demonstrating search techniques

Project Manager, Tim Montgomery, demonstrates searching techniques using Adobe Reader®.  The NACCCA Journal digital file project opens up the opportunity to quickly retrieve important information that would otherwise not be readily available.  

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The NACCCA Journal Digital Preservation Project is one of CCC Legacy's four key  projects during the 80th anniversary of the CCC.  The goal of the project is to capture the contents of the National Association of Civilian Conservation Corps Alumni's periodic newsletter, the NACCCA Journal, digitally.  These newsletters not only contain much information about the CCC during its operation, but also tell the story of the work our CCC Boys did later on to promote their legacy and to establish CCC-like follow-on organizations.  The digitization of these important records will allow wider and easier access to this information by providing the capability to search keywords and to electronically cut and paste articles and pictures of interest.

At the recent annual gathering in Tucson, project leader Tim Montgomery announced that Phase I of this project was complete with the scanning and digitization of 167 large format journals from the period of 1991 to 2004.  To commemorate this milestone, DVD's containing searchable PDF files of these NACCCA Journals were offered for sale at $25 to CCC Legacy members attending the gathering.  (Thank you Richard Chrisinger and Naomi Shaw for being our first customers for this important record of NACCCA's legacy.)  Other CCC Legacy members interested in purchasing this DVD should contact Tim at or contact the CCC Legacy office.

In September work began on Phase II of the project which addresses NACCCA Journals issued from 1978 through 1990.  This work should be completed in 2013 and the results of this work will be combined with earlier digitized versions of the NACCCA Journals issued between 2005 and 2008 to produce a DVD of the complete set of NACCCA Journals in early 2014.  Any early bird purchasers of the Phase 1 (years 1991-2004) DVD's will be given credit for their earlier purchase towards the purchase of the full set of NACCCA Journals for a period of six months following the release of the complete set.


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CCC Legacy Journal Nov/Dec 2013  Vol 37, Issue 2  


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Camp Roosevelt CCC Legacy Foundation Newsletters 2002-2007

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  • Personal accounts from CCC Boys
  • Rev. William Fraser's monthly Chaplain's Corner
  • Harry Dallas' State/Album of Month articles 
  • Articles on NACCCA's, CRCCCFL's and CCC Legacy's various activities and initiatives
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