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An often heard statement:  "There should be another CCC." 

The impact of the Civilian Conservation Corps experience had a dramatic affect on the lives of the young men who served.  CCC alumni are a long-term example of the positive outcome of the corps environment.  Because of this experience they have long supported youth employment opportunities in conservation, natural resources, and national emergencies.  

When America began to mend after the rigors of the Great Depression and WWII, CCC alumni started fostering the concept of CCC-like corps that could provide a similar experience for following generations.   Through their effort and the effort of thousands of other citizens over the years the modern corps concept has evolved.  Like the CCC, modern programs make a difference in the lives of thousands of young people each year.
It is not uncommon to hear an alumni say, "The CCC saved my life."  CCC enrollees departed from their CCC experience with a new confidence and pride of accomplishment.  They were armed with new skills and ideas that would carry them through the rest of their lives.  As they grew, their appreciation manifested in the idea that current young people would also benefit from the same kind of experience.  

One of the long term connections they established was with the National Association of Service and Conservation Corps, now The Corps Network.  This connection continues today and CCC Legacy regularly participates in Corps Network activities. 

The Corps Network and its associates are very important to the forward movement of youth employment on public land.  

To learn more about the Corps Network and its goals for future corps visit their website:


To lean more about the history of the CCC and the modern corps system that exists today please read 
 "A Brief History of the CCC".  

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CCC Legacy Sponsors 
Corp Network Conference
80th Anniversary Celebrated

For the third year, CCC Legacy has served as a sponsor for The Corps Network Conference in Washington, DC.  Annually the conference brings together leadership from current conservation and service corps from across America, national land management agencies and other advocates for the modern corps movement.   Guest appearances and plenaries are designed to inform attendees about the present state of legislation, program development to support the employment of youth on public land and funding streams. 

This year there was focus on the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps and the 80th Anniversary of the CCC.  To help celebrate the connection between the CCC and Corps Network members, CCC alumni were invited to visit and share their CCC experience.  CCC alumni in attendance were  Walter Atwood, FL; George Smith, MD; and Henry Sulima, FL.

For several months, videographers Lance and Brandon Kramer of Meridian Hill Pictures have been attending Chapter #113 meetings and events and filming video interviews.  This video coverage will be integrated into the story of the Green Corps of Washington, DC to produce a video that will tell of the American Corps experience of the present and past.  A portion of this video was shown before the full assembly.  

The relationship with The Corps Network is long-term.  Since NACCCA first worked with the National Association of Service and Conservation Corps (former name of The Corps Network) there has been a tie between the organizations.  Even in change we continue this relationship on behalf of the CCC alumni.   

In addition to our CCC Legacy alumni, other members in attendances were John Irish, VP CCC Legacy and recipient of the Legacy Achievement Award; Joan Sharpe, President of CCC Legacy and Sponsor Representative; Jack Sulima, CCC Legacy, Secretary, and son of CCC alumni Henry Sulima.   

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