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CCC Legacy News

2014 - 2015 Board Members Elected   

The results of the latest election were announced at the Annual Membership Meeting held on October 27.   Incoming board members are:  Phil Gouzie, CCC Alumni; Barbara Selesky, and Tim Montgomery.

We welcome Tim as he begins his first term on the CCC Legacy Board.  

Organizational Newsletters to be Digitally Stored

Update:  11-29-13: The effort begins to share the news about the availability of the NACCCA Journal Digital Preservation Project.  See more information on the CCC Legacy Store and the Calendar Page.   

Update:  11-9-13:  Fourteen years of the NACCCA Journal is now available on DVD for purchase from CCC Legacy.  Currently they are being offered to members for $25.  Other pricing will be determined at a later date.  

Update 8-4-13:  Fourteen years of the NACCCA Journal which was published in the 11 x 17 format have been scanned and will soon be available for research.  Twelve years remain to be scanned to searchable pdf documents.  

Update 4-23-13:  Project Chairman Tim Montgomery, CA, has visited the CCC Legacy office.  He has picked up the Journals to be scanned for review.  After reviewing, he will take them to the company who will be scanning them as searchable pdfs.  

Update 4-6-13:  Exploratory scanning of different papers of the NACCCA Journal have begun.  Positive results are expected.  


CCC Legacy has made the decision to preserve the NACCCA Journal in a digital format.  

The NACCCA (National Association of CCC Alumni) Journal was produced as a membership information newsletter between the years of 1978 and 2008.   Its publications tells of the formation of the organization, alumni events and activities, and many personal experiences  of CCC alumni.  

It is a valuable resource to CCC Legacy as well as others.  


Paper vs. Digital

CCC Legacy Journal—Digital version.  Members can now receive their CCC Legacy Journal through email.  A colored digital version of the Journal is being produced for those who do not want a paper copy.  The major format remains the same but in color.  It will be digitized as a searchable pdf and will be between 5MB and 2MB.  Send an email to to reflect your preference in your membership record.  Please include your membership number.  

If you are not a member but would like the Journal, please visit our membership page to learn more about joining our effort to promote CCC heritage.  


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