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Annual Election

Annual election for 
2019-2020 Board of Directors

Each year an election is held to identify members that will assume the role of the available slots within the board structure.  This year four slots are up for election for the two years terms.

If you are a member in good standing, please vote online. To prevent spam and other manipulation of the ballot numbers, your membership number is necessary and will be verified against the membership database.   If you did not remember your member number and want to vote, send a request to - Subject:  Membership number request.  We will need your name and address as it appears in your membership record which is the same as your Journal mailing address.   

If you have any questions, please call the office at 540-984-8735.  

More information about the election process, as it appeared in the CCC Legacy Journal,  is available at the bottom of this page.  

Meet Your Candidates

Jean Martin
Woodstock, VA
  • Incumbent 2018 CCC Legacy Board. 
  • Serves as Vice President
  • Archivist/Genealogist, Shenandoah County Library, Edinburg, VA for nine years.
  • Served on Board of Camp Roosevelt Legacy Foundation. Life member of CCC legacy
  • Former director/curator of historical homes, museums, and gardens in several states
  • Extensive experience with restoration, fundraising, grant writing, educational programs, special events, media groups, newsletters, historical exhibits, and training of volunteers and tour guides
  • Financial experience with grants, organizational budgets, and gift shop management
  • Has conducted research, published articles, and presented many historical workshops and lectures  
  • Included a chapter on the CCC in the Arcadia Publishers book she produced for the 
Naomi Shaw
Springfield, MO

  • Incumbent 2018 CCC Legacy Board
  • Serving as Secretary since 2015
  • Serves as Chair for the CCC Legacy Annual  Gathering Committee
  • Co-hosted the CCC Legacy Annual Gathering with her father in 2010
  • Life member and daughter of CCC Boy Richard Chrisinger
  • Many years of dedication to promoting and learning CCC Heritage 
  • Lifetime of helping others learn and has a strong desire to serve.

Daniel Newquist
Georgetown, SC

  • Incumbent 2018 CCC Legacy Board
  • Active CCC Legacy member and volunteer since 2008
  • Served Annual Gathering Committee and Host of 2017 Annual Gathering in Greenville, SC
  • City Planner for Georgetown, SC
  • Alumni of Americorps NCCC after receiving his B.S. degree from North Carolina State University in 2003
  • Strong interest in the history of the CCC which grew out of his working at Dothan State Park in Virginia
  • Organized a CCC history club for Americorps members
  • Endeared himself to members attending the 2017 Gathering by arranging to have a gourmet cook serve the meals there. 

Joan Sharpe
Edinburg, VA

  • Incumbent/President of 2018 CCC Legacy Board/Operations Manager of CCC Legacy and Founding President of the Camp Roosevelt CCC Legacy Foundation
  • Strong background in customer service, sales, office management, budget management, and bookkeeping
  • Experience with fund raising, event planning, publishing, grant writing, and public outreach
  • Understands the responsibilities of a 501(c)3 organization and the laws that affect that status
  • Working knowledge of the computer software that supports the daily operations of the Legacy office
  • Manages the CCC Legacy website.  Editor of the CCC Legacy Journal.
  • Involved with many civic organizations and The Corps Network, Corps Network Committee of Excellence, and the Corps Accreditation Committee.  Liaison with the USDA Forest Service Lee District Office .
  • Strong belief in education of conservation heritage and community building

Online Ballot
Members Only - must submit membership number
2019-2020 Board of Directors Election 

Vote for (4) Members
Deadline for online submission of your vote is September 14, 2018
To protect the integrity of online voting your contact information will be verified against  the CCC Legacy membership database to ensure an accurate election. 
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Select 4 candidates from the choices below:
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Current Election Cycle

Four to be elected for the 2019-2020 term:

 The current cycle elects four board members for the two-year terms for the membership of 2019-2020 which represent the slots of 1,2,3,4   Presently these positions are filled by Jean Martin, Daniel Newquist, Joan Sharpe and Naomi

Board Term:  January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2020

Election Results Announcement:  Official election results will be announced at the Annual Meeting in Portland.  

January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2019. 

Announcement:  Official election results will be announced in the last CCC Legacy Journal of the year.    

Current Board Members and their terms through December 31, 2018:  

Slot 1:  Naomi Shaw 2017-2018
Slot 2:  Jean Martin 2017-2018
Slot 3:  Joan Sharpe 2017-2018
Slot 4:  Daniel Newquist 2017-2018

Slot 5:  Martha Smith 2018-2019 
Slot 6:  Philip Gouzie 2018-2019
Slot 7:  Terri Altman   2018-2019

Annual Election Cycle

The complete election process  takes 10 months. 

January—Nominating Committee members are identified

February-Board votes on 3 Nominating Committee members 

Apr, May, Jun, Journal  - Ballot printed

Postmark Deadline for written ballots is September 7

Deadline of online ballots is September 14 midnight  


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